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We at Autogeurtjes.nl have put together a package of 3 items from California Scents Coronado Cherry especially for you. If you are a fan of the Coronado Cherry scent, then this package is complete. (this is also a nice package to give as a gift)

The package consists of:
- 1x Coronado Cherry can
- 1x Coronado Cherry Ventstick 4 pieces
- 1x Coronado Cherry Scent Control

Tin can:
The can includes a lid with which you can determine the strength of the Coronado Cherry scent. (You can easily place the can somewhere so that it is out of sight)

Vent stick:
The Ventstick is easy to use by sliding the product into your ventilation grille. The air flow from your ventilation releases the scent and allows you to enjoy your Coronado Cherry .

Scent Control:
With the Scent control you have control over the strength of your scent pendant by sliding it up and down. The air flow allows you to decide how strong you want the scent.

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