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Mary & Juana carclip Fresh Jungle Hemp is a car fragrance for your air vent. The Hemp car fragrances are a new and exciting range from Little Joe International. Of course, we already know this producer from the brightly colored and scented dolls for your mirror or as a car clip/vent clip. As the name and form suggests, this fragrance has a fresh jungle hemp scent. In addition to the green carclip variant, there is also a pink variety available in the same scent. The paper variant also carries the same scent and is also available in green and pink.

If you say the name Mary & Juana ® of this new car scent in quick succession, you will of course hear marijuana. This scent for the ventilation grille of your car is in the shape of a cannabis leaf in the color green/green. The paper version and the car clip (for the ventilation grille) all carry the Fresh Jungle Hemp scent.

Fragrance notes

The perfumers of the Mary & Juana®️ fragrance were inspired by the green and herbaceous notes of the cannabis plant. Jungle Hemp is a lifestyle fragrance that gets under the skin, awakens energies and refreshes with a stimulating effect on body and mind. Hemp, grapefruit, patchouli, cedarwood and white musk are integrated in this new fragrance

Are you going to get all high in your car now? No, of course not, because that does not contribute to road safety. All car fragrances from Mary & Juana carclip Fresh Jungle Hemp do not contain THC, CBD or other cannabinoids. The plastic variant emits an odor for approximately 45 days.

Please note: this product does not contain CBD, THC or other cannabinoids.

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