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Millefiori Milano Moveo wireless diffuser Black

These diffusers easily bring the most wonderful scents into your car or home.
The latest innovation from Millefiori Milano is the Moveo Diffuser.
A wireless diffuser that you can place in the cup holder of your car.
Using scent refills, the most wonderful scents are easily, safely and quickly distributed in your car or in your home. These refills are ready to use and you do not need to add water. The diffuser is charged via a USB connection and has an LED light strip that changes color. You can set the diffuser in various positions to regulate the scent intensity.

The diffuser is approximately 15 cm high. The refills, which you must purchase separately, are available in 6 wonderful scents that will take you to special atmospheres.

The scents are:

Moments of inspiration
Joy Above All
Moved By Passion
Let The Energy Flow
Stay Confident
Living Balance

These are of course all available at Autogeurtjes.nl .
A USB charging cable is included with the Diffuser

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