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Spilled some food or drink? Or brought the dog? No worries. With the Black Cherry Vent clip from Scent Bomb, your car will smell nice and fresh again in no time... for up to 30 days. A must-have if you love your car even a little.

  • Adjustable in strength
  • Organic & recyclable
  • Works for up to 30 days

The Scent Bomb Black Cherry Vent clip not only gives off a nice scent, but also neutralizes bad odors immediately. This makes that stale smell disappear in an instant. This recyclable air freshener also lasts up to 30 days. You no longer have to clean and air your car every Sunday morning!

Weight: 30 grams
Type of scent: Fruity and sweet
Fragrance name: Black Cherry
Fragrance duration: 30 days

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